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3/17 (Sun) – Sacred RAGE!! with Bia Luna

3pm-5pm **** $77

This 1.5-hour guided workshop will invite us to dive into our stories about rage and explore practices that allow us to express rage in healthy, embodied, and liberating ways. In a society that has always taught us that our rage is bad, what does it look like to meet your rage with acceptance? 

We will harness the power of somatic embodiment practices, movement, breath, and sound, as well as guidance rooted in Tantric theory.

We will explore the emotional body and harness tools for unlocking blocked emotions. Through inner-work, we will deepen our understanding of our own emotions and learn alchemy techniques for emotional empowerment. 

You will leave with a deeper understanding of your inner landscape as well as practices that you can explore at home to continue the work as your path unfolds. 

Bia believes that all aspects of you are divine and invites you into a space where you can explore the beauty and totality of your expressions. As a trauma-trained guide, she is devoted to holding supremely safe and nourishing spaces where all of you is welcome and accepted.

How to arrive to ceremony: Dress comfortably. Carry an open mind & heart.

To Bring: Yoga mat, water bottle, notebook & pen, pillow, blanket (s), Eye mask (optional)

Located At:
3534 Golden Gate Way
Lafayette, CA 94549
We Are Open:

Weds – Sat – 11am – 4pm
All other hours by appointment