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Family Constellations
with Kyla Mitsunaga

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 8 10am – 1pm $88/person

Theme: FEAR

What if the fear you were carrying wasn’t yours?

  • Using this incredible modality, we will get to the root of your fear
  • Give it back to one of your ancestors whom it belongs to 
  • So that you can move forward in your own life feeling light, flow-y, and magical again (love-based living as opposed to fear-based living)

What is Family Constellations?
It’s like if the deepest subconscious mind work, energy healing, ancestor ritual work, and Karl Jung’s archetypal work had a baby. If none of that made sense to you, that’s ok, just know this: It’s the G.O.A.T. of healing modalities. (At least of the 20+ I’ve tried)

How does it work?
You come in with anything you’d bring to a therapy or a life coach session. You choose people to represent different family members, emotions, illnesses, challenges you may be growing through. Watch the magic unfold as a third-party observer.

What awesome people like you are saying:
“I have done psychoanalysis and cognitive behavioural therapy for 25+ years and never had such an intense and powerful experience in such a short period of time as I did WITH Kyla facilitating a Family Constellations experience. If you’re looking to break through some of your old stories and truly understand what’s been holding you back, you need to work WITH Kyla. She is a master facilitator and brings compassion, empathy, and kindness to the experience.”
~Gwen Holtan, Flexible Eating Lifestyle Coach

Feel free to bring a light snack should you feel that you may need something to nosh on. Tea will be provided.

During this Family Constellations sessions, I will:
-Introduce Family Constellations
-Facilitate  constellations for people who would like to be seekers
-Answer any questions at the end

If you’re curious, there’s an episode on Sex, Love, and Goop on Netflix on Family Constellations. Season 2 Episode 5. I promise though, the in-person Family Constellations session, will be better than Netflix!

Located At:
3534 Golden Gate Way
Lafayette, CA 94549
We Are Open:

Weds – Sat – 11am – 4pm
All other hours by appointment