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The Tarot Salon

NEXT GATHERING: Saturday, October 28 4pm – 5:30pm $33/person

Please join in our monthly gathering for Tarot practitioners. Come meet other enthusiasts and deepen into expanding your presence when reading tarot. This salon is for both beginners and experienced readers – part of the intention of the salon is to build a community of practitioners. We welcome everyone to come together to learn deeper insights into the cards and connect in community with both sharing about your practice and doing hands-on readings at the salon. We will spend part of the time with a deep dive into subjects such as studying the basics of tarot, inquiring into the meanings of some of the more interesting archetypal cards, learning to cast protection when reading, asking for the divine to reveal itself with ritual, and others. Additionally, we will share in a circle about our own practices, as well as recent readings and insights into reading tarot. At each session we will pair up and do a three card pull to add to your deepening practice.

Sessions will be 90 minutes to allow for learning, sharing and reading cards. Several decks will be available to look at and play with but you are welcome and encouraged to bring a deck of your choosing.

Facilitator: Katie Helber

I have been a tarot practitioner for over thirty years and it has been the most consistent tool of self-growth and discovery I have used to guide me. It always ignites a deeper understanding of my life or an aspect that I need clarity in. I have found it provides a lens with which to see my path more clearly. I connect to the divine energy of the cards to share this insight with those that I read for. While I have read for myself for over thirty years, I have also read for friends, family and for many years my clients in the corporate world. As a global change management consultant I worked with many people looking to gain insight into complex situations. The cards often opened dialogues that made us think and re-strategize on how to best accomplish our outcomes. I love the space of inquiry and insight. It is a space of great growth and joy. I am also a mom to two budding adults who amaze me. And I have lived in the East Bay for over 25 years with my husband and loving dogs. I also take photos of the sunrise when I can, paint watercolors and generally do what brings me joy.

Located At:
3534 Golden Gate Way
Lafayette, CA 94549
We Are Open:

Weds – Sat – 11am – 4pm
All other hours by appointment